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Byrna Mission 4 Bundle Launcher - Made in USA ByrnaByrna Mission 4 Bundle Launcher - Made in USA Byrna
Byrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-Rounds - Byrna CaliforniaByrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-Rounds - Byrna California
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Byrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-RoundsByrna
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Byrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USAByrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USA
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Byrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USAByrna
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Byrna Launchers

The Byrna SD pistol is still the number one used launcher for self defense. Byrna Technologies Inc improved there launchers from Byrna HD to Byrna SD making it the most famous and used Byrna launcher  in the market. The Byrna launcher SD self defense comes in 6 colors, black, orange, gray, tan, pink and yellow. 

The Byrna SD price starts at $329.99 for the basic kit and $379.99 for the complete ready kit. 

Here are some questions that everyone asks about the Byrna gun. 

  • Are Byrna guns legal in California?
  • Can a felon own a Byrna gun?
  • Is Byrna gun legal in Florida?
  • Is it legal to carry a Byrna Gun?
  • Is Byrna legal in all states?

Byrna Launchers has been approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as a licensed training provider. 

The Byrna gun can be shipped to all 50 states. However , The Byrna
SD Pepper Kits carries a Pepper Projectile which can not be shipped to California without a BSIS security card license. Also The Byrna SD Pepper Kit can not be shipped to New York at all. 

Nakestores Carries the Byrna SD Kinetic Kit which are California and New York approved kits. These kits does not carry the pepper projectile which allows it to be shipped to California and New York states. The Byrna Sd Kinetic Kit has the kinetic projectile ammo instead of the pepper projectiles. 

See below pictures for the difference in The Byrna Pepper Kit and the Byrna Kinetic Kit. If you notice everything is the same expect the pepper projectile and the kinetic projectile between the two kits. 

The Byrna pistol shoots .68 Caliber projectile at 300 feet per second. Making the Byrna gun self defense SD version effective up to 60 feet away. It is an incredibly powerful for non lethal self defense weapon.

Here are some accessories the SD version works on. 

Byrna Holsters for SD version

Byrna 5 round and 7 round magazines. 

More accessories from

The Byrna launcher is not classified as a firearm, therefore does not require permit or background check to own. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. 

The Byrna gun has been used by law enforcement , government agencies and private securities. 

Shop Byrna SD deals and enjoy fast shipping from . Check out customers feedback for  Byrna launchers, quality and shipping reviews.

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