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Byrna Mission 4 Bundle Launcher - Made in USA ByrnaByrna Mission 4 Bundle Launcher - Made in USA Byrna
Byrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-Rounds - Byrna CaliforniaByrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-Rounds - Byrna California
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Byrna Mission 4 Extra Magazine 19-RoundsByrna
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Byrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USAByrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USA
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Byrna TCR Launcher Home Defense - MADE IN USAByrna
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Byrna SD Hell Kit Launcher - BLACK ByrnaByrna SD Hell Kit Launcher - BLACK Byrna
Byrna SD Pepper Kit Launcher - ORANGEByrna SD Pepper Kit Launcher - ORANGE
Byrna SD Hell Kit Launcher - TAN ByrnaByrna SD Hell Kit Launcher - TAN Byrna

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Byrna SD Launcher

The Byrna SD pistol is still the number one used launcher for self defense. Byrna Technologies Inc improved there launchers from Byrna HD to Byrna SD making it the most famous and used Byrna launcher  in the market. The Byrna launcher SD self defense comes in 6 colors, black, orange, gray, tan, pink and yellow. 

The Byrna SD price starts at $329.99 for the basic kit and $379.99 for the complete ready kit. 

Here are some questions that everyone asks about the Byrna gun. 

Are Byrna guns legal in California?

Can a felon own a Byrna gun?

Is Byrna gun legal in Florida?

Is it legal to carry a Byrna Gun?

Is Byrna legal in all states?

Byrna Launchers has been approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as a licensed training provider. 

The Byrna gun can be shipped to all 50 states. However , The Byrna
SD Pepper Kits carries a Pepper Projectile which can not be shipped to California without a BSIS security card license. Also The Byrna SD Pepper Kit can not be shipped to New York at all. 

Nakestores Carries the Byrna SD Kinetic Kit which are California and New York approved kits. These kits does not carry the pepper projectile which allows it to be shipped to California and New York states. The Byrna Sd Kinetic Kit has the kinetic projectile ammo instead of the pepper projectiles. 

See below pictures for the difference in The Byrna Pepper Kit and the Byrna Kinetic Kit. If you notice everything is the same expect the pepper projectile and the kinetic projectile between the two kits. 

The Byrna pistol shoots .68 Caliber projectile at 300 feet per second. Making the Byrna gun self defense SD version effective up to 60 feet away. It is an incredibly powerful for non lethal self defense weapon.

Here are some accessories the SD version works on. 

Byrna Holsters for SD version

Byrna 5 round and 7 round magazines. 

More accessories from

The Byrna launcher is not classified as a firearm, therefore does not require permit or background check to own. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. 

The Byrna gun has been used by law enforcement , government agencies and private securities. 

Shop Byrna SD deals and enjoy fast shipping from . Check out customers feedback for  Byrna launchers, quality and shipping reviews.

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Byrna Gun

The Byrna gun Self Defense is one of the best non lethal self defense product in the market. Its being used by law enforcement agency's and trusted by civilians and peace officers. The Byrna gun is Powered by compressed air (CO2), and shoots .68 caliber round kinetic and/or chemical irritant projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60-feet away. It is an incredibly powerful and non-lethal self-defense weapon.

The Byrna gun is not classified as a firearm therefore does not require a permit or background check to own. Must be 18 or older to purchase.

The Byrna gun advanced its technologies by featuring a trigger pierce tech. That means the co2 from the Byrna gun does not open and its not open after installation until you pull the first trigger. The Byrna launcher is always ready to use on self defense situations

The Byrna gun has 3 models , Byrna EP , Byrna SD and the Byrna LE. The Byrna EP gun functions the same as the Byrna SD  without safety option making the price of the Byrna EP below $300. The Byrna EP also takes 8 grams co2. The Ep comes in as the slimiest Byrna launcher. The Byrna SD is the most used and famous Byrna launcher with safety feature and disable the threat at 60 feet and can fire 20 rounds per cartridge using 8 gram co2. The Byrna SD is the most popular Byrna gun on the market. And finally the Byrna LE the ground up redesigned for those looking for the most powerful Byrna gun produced. Can shoots more then 340 fps with the addition of high visibility white sight.  The Byrna LE gun also has a lighter trigger used before for law enforcement and now available for the public. 

The Byrna gun is legal in all 50 states. Anyone above 18 years of age can own a Byrna Launcher and start defending your self today. 

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Byrna LE Gun

Introduction on the Byrna LE Gun Launcher: 

The Byrna LE Gun Launcher is our finest product yet but don't take our word for it, take the word of our loyal customers! Get your hands on our most powerful Byrna LE Gun launcher while supplies last!

The Byrna LE, Byrna's most powerful handheld launcher, is now available to the public!

The Byrna LE Gun Launcher features a completely redesigned trigger interface and valve assembly to fire .68 caliber rounds at speed of up to 340 feet per second. The new trigger design on the Byrna LE Gun allows for a much smoother and lighter trigger pull, providing a better experience for the shooter.

The Byrna LE Gun Launchers comes in Black and Orange Colors only. The Byrna LE kit also comes with 7 rounds Byrna magazine while the Byrna SD XL Launcher came with 5 round magazines. 


What's the difference between the Byrna LE Gun Kinetic Launcher and the Byrna LE Gun Pepper Launchers

The Actual Byrna LE Gun launcher is the same , the only difference between the two kits are the Byrna projectile. The Byrna LE Kinetic comes with 10 Kinetic projectiles and 5 eco projectile and allows it to be legal in California & New York, since the Pepper Projectile is not legal in California without the BSIS card. While the Byrna LE Pepper Launcher Kit comes with 5 Pepper Projectiles, 5 Kinetic Projectiles and 5 eco kinetic projectiles.  At the end the Byrna LE Gun launcher is the same for the kinetic kit and pepper kit. 

Byrna LE Gun Launcher Features:


  • PATENTED PULL-PIERCE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 is stored in the launcher unpunctured until the first trigger pull. On first trigger pull the CO2 is punctured and a projectile is launched simultaneously.
  • UPGRADED WHITE DOT SIGHTS: High-Contrast bright white sights which allow for quicker acquisition in high stress situations.
  • SUPER-CHARGED: the Byrna LE Launcher is 60% more powerful than the SD. Max projectile speeds of 340 feet per second.
  • INCREASED SHOT CAPACITY: 40% Greater Shot Capacity than the standard Byrna SD. Fire up to 35 rounds per single 12g CO2 cylinder
  • STANDOFF DISTANCE: 33% increased effective range over the Byrna SD. Accurate at up to 80 feet.

Byrna LE Gun Kit Details ( $479.99 ) 

  • (1) Byrna LE Gun
  • (1) Byrna branded EVA travel / storage case
  • (1) 5-count tube Pepper Projectiles, (1) 5-count tube Kinetic Projectiles and (1) 5-count tube Eco Kinetic Projectiles
  • (2) 7-round Magazines
  • (2) 12g CO2 cylinders 

You can also install a Divalite laser combo on the Byrna LE Gun launcher and make it official.

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